About Us

About Us

It was a humble beginning for Jenny Wang, the owner of Abide Hawaii. The company started in a home office with no employees. Now it has grown to a small business solely operating from Honolulu. All Abide products are exclusively available in Hawaii.

In 2020, when there was a great shortage of toilet paper, Jenny quickly realized the vulnerability of the toilet paper industry in America. She found out that the shortage was even worse in Hawaii because of its geographic location. Therefore, Jenny decided to commit to the Hawaiian market with a constant supply of Abide toilet paper throughout the shortage stage. What’s more, after intensive research, Jenny realized that bamboo fiber not only makes great paper, but also uses way less chemicals in the production process. In addition, it’s absolutely PFAS free, these “forever chemicals” are concerning to people’s health. Therefore, Abide becomes the first and the only local brand who carries bamboo bath tissue, napkins and paper towel. 

Gratefully, in 2021, Abide quickly expanded its product line to eco-friendly disposable tableware offering: plant-based plastic cutlery, straws and cups for cold and hot drinks, as well as, compostable paper plates, bowls, and take-out containers. Abide also offers bamboo and wooden cutlery, and bamboo chopsticks. All products comply with the petroleum plastic ban and styrofoam ban in Hawaii. The local communities are able to enjoy these products from most retail stores state-wide, like Walmart, Foodland, Times, Don Quijote, The Waianae Store, Tamura’s, and even more retail stores are opening doors to welcome Abide products.

In 2023, Abide Hawaii hit another milestone. We began partnering with a local food service distributor and introduced a comprehensive disposable product line for food service customers. The launch of these 50+ products was a great success. With its unbeatable product value, premium quality and solid supplies at all times, the sales continue to soar. And the expansion has made Abide Hawaii become the only local brand who offers the most comprehensive product line for the food service industry. 

In 2024, as the reputation of its honest business practices, steady supply and great customer service continue to attract attention from the local market, in order to provide a one-stop shop solution where the local communities may fully rely on, Abide Hawaii made a strategic decision and expanded its supply chain management office to the Far East with a vision of establishing an overseas warehouse. 

Growing from one single bath tissue product in 2020 to nearly 100 products in 2024, the growth and reputation of Abide speaks for itself. We are truly thankful for the endeavor poured out by employees, every great partner who walks with us and each customer we serve. We pledge to never stop making improvements in the value of our products and service. Honest business practices are foremost in our minds.

Jenny Wang was born and raised in a small village in the southern part of China. While growing up Jenny watched her father as he traded tropical fruit of lychee and longan. Although her father’s business was small, the seed of becoming a business woman was sown in her childhood. She later went to a women’s college in China choosing English as her major. One Foreign Teacher who was from California became her mentor. She not only taught Jenny how to speak fluent English but she also helped her financially to obtain higher education in the U.S.. Jenny refers to her as her ‘American mom’. Her help and mentorship changed Jenny’s life.

Upon graduation from college in the U.S., Jenny returned to China and started her business exploration. After a few years of learning the manufacturing business, Jenny went back to America with hopes of starting her own company. But unexpectedly, she was accepted as a Research Fellow at Harvard University. Two years later, Jenny continued her business journey and soon Abide was born. 

Jenny, as a wife and mom of two young kids, continues to build her business with the special understanding of local needs. She is thankful for having a most wonderful husband. And she enjoys family bonding time whenever her schedule allows. 

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